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If you are a Business Owner Or Affiliate Marketer, or if you just own a website, we can deliver the Traffic you need to find success online!

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Let's face it, not a day goes by where we don't hear a new story about someone who has made millions just from marketing online, for most of us that kind of success will only ever be a pipe dream, and a great many of these stories are just fabricated nonsense designed to trick you into parting with your hard earned cash.
But some are genuine, and the road that these online marketers have gone down to earn so much, quite simply, would not have been possible if they did not have one very important thing:

REAL People Spending REAL Time Viewing THEIR Website

Traffic Flying is the result of over 17 years of online marketing expertise
We have designed our Traffic Exchange to be focused on providing QUALITY TRAFFIC

What Makes Our Traffic High Quality?

  • You can join for free and earn 0.6 hit credits for every single site that you visit on our exchange, so in under 25 minutes you could have 100 REAL visits to your website in return for you visiting and paying attention to the opportunities presented to you by our other members.

  • We have a Timer length of 8 seconds for every free member that visits your website, this means that your site will actually have time to load for our members to view it and decide if they want to spend a bit more time checking it out in more detail, after all, what point would there be in us allowing members to jump from site to site so quickly that they barely need to glance at it? When you go into any kind of store on your local High Street it's a proven fact, the longer you spend in the store browsing, the more likely you are to walk out having made a purchase, whether you originally planned to or not! Online opportunities are not any different!

  • Over Surfing and Cheating using software robots is something that can be a major problem on Traffic Exchanges, we have measures in place to ensure those kind of activities don't happen at Traffic Flying. We have built in cheat prevention measures in the software which runs the site, we don't offer cash for surfing (something which causes over 90% of all cheating on Traffic Exchanges), and we don't give our members any reason at all to surf ridiculous amounts of websites, because put simply, it's pointless!!!

  • Throughout the duration of our members surfing we have built in loyalty rewards to encourage our members to pay attention so they can be rewarded with more credits, which means more traffic earned in a shorter space of time.

  • We don't just allow you to advertise your Websites, you can also promote Banner & Text Adverts, you can convert your unused credits in to impressions and TRIPLE your exposure. Banner & Text Ads are positioned in the surfbar at the top of the screen as members surf through sites, so their eyes will always be drawn to these Banner & Text Ads, if you don't use them you are really seriously missing out!

You still want MORE reasons to join us?

  • After you signup and visit just 50 of our other members websites using our surfbar, you will get a signup bonus of 100 Credits.

  • Take advantage of our Affiliate Program and you could be earning a MASSIVE amount of extra traffic, and maybe even some real Cold Hard Cash!!!

  • As a FREE Member you will earn 10% of the Traffic credits earned by those members you refer to us.

  • As a FREE Member you will earn 15% Commission on all purchases made by the members you refer to us, including Login & One Time Offers.

  • Earn further rewards just for Promoting your affiliate link.

Benefit More By Upgrading Your Account

  • We have Upgraded account levels starting from just $3 per month, so we truly cater for every budget!

  • Earn up to 1.0 credits for every site that you visit, meaning you could earn 100 hits to your website in under 10 minutes!

  • Get your surf timer reduced as low as 4 seconds, that's half the timer of a free member, but still long enough to ensure good Traffic Quality

  • You could earn up to 25% of the credits earned by members you refer, so if you plan to promote us it would be crazy NOT to Upgrade!

  • When your referrals make a purchase you could make as much as 50% commission on every single purchase made by your referrals!!!

  • All of our Upgraded members will be allocated Random Referrals when members signup from our default referral link.

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