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Traffic Flying is a QUALITY Focused Traffic Exchange network, where you can earn TRAFFIC to your website or online opportunity, simply for visiting the websites of other members.

What Makes Traffic Flying So Great?

Registration is FREE

Anyone can join Traffic Flying for FREE

Earn Traffic

Surfing our exchange FREE members will earn 0.6 credits for every site visited.

High Quality

Our 8 Second Timer for FREE members ensures your site is REALLY viewed.

Signup Bonus

After visiting just 50 sites you will get 100 credits Signup Bonus.

Real People

We ensure your sites are viewed by REAL People, we don't want bots and we don't give members reason to use them!

Affiliate Benefits

Earn 10% of all credits earned by those you Refer, and 15% Commission on ALL purchases they make.

What Benefits Do I Get When I Upgrade?

Great Value Packages

We have Upgrade packages starting from just $3 per month, that's less than it costs for a coffee and a slice of cake!

Increased Traffic Earnings

By Upgrading your account you could earn up to 1.0 hit credits for every site visited.

Timer Reduction

Upgraded members get the Surf Timer reduced as low as 4 Seconds.

Promote MORE Opportunities

Upgraded members can promote up to 10 Websites, 10 Banner Ads & 10 Text Ads, that's more than TRIPLE what FREE members get!

Earn Even More Credits

When you refer new members to us you can earn up to a massive 25% of the credits they earn from surfing.

Earn MORE Cash!

Upgraded members can earn up to an OUTSTANDING 50% Commission on ALL purchases made by those you refer.

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